CCS'16 Satellite #38 — TIMES
September 20, 2016

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Global Systems Science and Dynamical Hyper-networks in turbulent TIMES

Jeff Johnson (The Open University UK)

The Global Systems Science (GSS) community is trying to develop new ways for complex systems science to support local and global policy in the context of new methods in data science and modeling and the great need to engage and include citizens in policy processes [1][2][3]. GSS is perfectly aligned with the TIMES Flagship.  The four main pillars of GSS are: 1. Policy at all levels, from individuals to the world: policy problems at global and national scales. How can we know which, if any, proposed policy options will work? 2. The new, interdisciplinary approach: how the science of complex social, economic, political, biological, physical and environmental systems can inform policy makers in their work. 3. Data science and computational modeling for policy makers: the use of “policy informatics” – the new, policy-oriented methods of modeling complex systems on computers. 4. Citizen engagement:  the behavior of social systems emerges bottom-up, from the interactions of individuals and institutions, in the context of top-down policy constraints - individual citizens must be involved in decision making and policy formulation. In this context of GSS the talk will briefly discuss how multilevel dynamic hyper-networks can be used in TIMES [4]. The TIMES Flagship is an exemplar project of Global System Science.





Jeffrey Johnson is Professor of Complex Science and Design at the UK Open University and Deputy President of the UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus. He led the development of the Global Systems Science and Policy MOOC that is presented four times per year with Future-Learn [3]. His research centers on hyper-networks for modeling complex multidimensional multilevel multiplex systems for policy design [4].

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