Presentation of the CS-DC TIMES Flagship

Paul Bourgine (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris) 

The talk is presenting the CS-DC TIMES flagship. This flagship aims at creating a global ecosystem to give the same equality of chance for any territory to become a « smart » territory by using a global market for open responsible innovations linked to the global scientific and technological revolution. This global ecosystem is using the 2nd internet revolution and is devoted to all of these — scientists of any discipline or experts from territorial governments, NGOs, firms, start-ups as well as ordinary citizens — wanting to jointly increase social wellbeing, improve the relationship with Nature and to change the relations between science, engineering, politics and ethics.

Paul Bourgine is President of the Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC), honorary director of RNSC (the National Network of Complex Systems) and former director of CREA-Ecole Polytechnique. Diploma of Ecole Polytechnique (1968), PhD in Economics (1983), habilitation  in cognitive science (1989). First préét of the Complex Systems Society. Chair of the first European Conference on Complex Systems (2005) and World e-Conference CS-DC’15 (2015). Co-chair of the first following international conferences: Economics and Artificial Intelligence (1986), European Conference on Artificial Life (1990),  Cognitive Economics (2004), Morphogenesis in Living Systems (2009).