Toward an ecological revolution for recycling greenhouse gaz, renewing food production and water use by using biodiversity of ecological systems

Masatoshi Funabashi (Sony Computer science Laboratory)

Human-driven environmental load accumulated over the centuries is causing irreversible shift to ecosystems and pushing humanity's footprint out of planetary boundaries. These dilemmas of coupled social-ecological systems evoke essential challenge of complex systems science, in terms of multi-scale application to the management of real world. Open complex systems that lies in the nature of this challenge requires the openness and diversity in scientific methodologies, in every aspect of theoretical, empirical, methodological, and institutional organizations. Here I review recent activities on establishing a sustainable farming system with multi-scale synergy with environmental and human health, and outline how open complex systems view could integrate divided disciplines and provide interface for management in a transient process. Important propositions for flagship TIMES could be delivered in order to support transversal initiative of young researchers thinking globally. 

Masatoshi Funabashi is researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. Tokyo, Japan. He holds a Ph.D in physics, Ecole Polytechnique, France and a Veterinary bachelor in Japan.

Research Interest: Sustainable agriculture, ecology, nutrition, life science, citizen science, open complex systems