Fourierism and Utopia in the U.S.A.

In the first half of the 19th century, Fourierist and other "utopian socialist" ideas gained a widespread audience in the U.S.A., and were widely implemented through socialist communities.

- An infant named Charles Fourier

Most parents name their children according to a saint. You can choose your saint in another confession.

- A city with Fourierist foundations...

"On May 17, 1844, a portion of the Wisconsin Phalanx came to the western part of what is now the City of Ripon and started a development named Ceresco. The Phalanx had been organized in Kenosha to put into practical operation Charles Fourier's principles of social philosophy."

... and what it has to do with the GOP
(From The Capital Times, Madison, Wisconsin)

History of Ripon


From 1848 to 1879 a communist community lived in Oneida, N.Y., headed John Humphrey Noyes; it practiced new forms of love relations. Although Noyes's doctrine of "Bible communism" was of a purely religious origin and did not acknowledge Fourier, several of his experiments bear a resemblence to Fourier's ideas expressed in Le Nouveau Monde Amoureux (unpublished until 1967), in particular the abolition of monogamy and the preeminence of elders in the organization of love relations.

After its dissolution in 1880, the community's assets were formed into a smithing manufacture.


English translations of works by Charles Fourier:

- The Theory of the Four Movements

Published by Cambridge University Press (1996), with an introduction by Gareth Stedman Jones and Ian Patterson; exists both in Hardback and Paperback.

Books on Charles Fourier and Fourierism:

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